Thursday, 4 July 2013

TBFUTH Reaches Two Years!

It's official. The Boys from Up the Hill is two years old today! Huge thanks to everyone who has read or contributed to the site so far and has helped make it a success.

The blog has expanded each year since its inception and that's a trend we'd like to see continue. As a result, we need new blood to join to TBFUTH team and help run the website and contribute articles – match reports, opinion pieces etc. If you fancy getting involved, please email Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

There are also a few exciting new ways you can connect with TBFUTH, in addition to our long-standing Twitter and Facebook pages. Those of you on Google+ can now get in on the action too, with our new Google+ page! You can also follow the blog more directly through our RSS feed – those reading the site on a mobile device will find that Google Currents is a great way to read TBFUTH on the go!

We've also relaunched our Video Vault through our new YouTube account (which you can subscribe to here). Hopefully this should be a much clearer and more engaging way to browse through videos of past Oxford matches and should be a good way to spend a few rainy afternoons!

Thanks for reading!

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